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Living sustainably and ecologically




General Plan of Location


Sustainable living – close to Nature

The location of our project is a dream: It is situated directly next to the nature reserve Autäli so you will be surrounded by nature. In order to establish a harmonic integration of the structure into the landscape, we paid special attention to ecological aspects. We’ve created a project that offers comfortable and generous living spacefor 10 families on a plot which previously only housed a single unit.

Land is an important recourse so we treat it efficiently without lowering our standards when it comes to quality of living. The floor plans are very efficient and offer a lot of light, air and a high living-standard.

Wood: Renewable building material

If an ecological construction method is close to your heart then you will have to work with wood. This truly integrates nature into your home. Converting a tree into wood that can be used for construction is a process that eats far less energy than the production of concrete or bricks. Wood binds CO2 and is a natural climate regulator. 

It has great capacity to save up heat and it absorbs and evenly redistributes humidity. This generates a healthy indoor-climate and guarantees excellent air quality. There is no need to worry about noise as modern wood-construction techniques are as efficient in noise-suppression as any other type of construction

Using the power of the Sun

The provision of warm water and the energy needed for heating are also provided by ecological means. The energy for heating is generated by a central heat-pump that is connected to a probe deep beneath the ground. Down there the temperature constantly lies between 7-12 degrees centigrade – even if it is freezing cold above ground.

This warmth can be processed by said heat-pump in order to ensure a warm and cozy room temperature. The energy needed to operate the heat pump is generated with the help of solar panels that are installed on the roof. The heat of the sun is responsible for heating your house using clean energy. So, as you can see our project saves energy, is truly sustainable and offers you convenient living without a guilty conscience.

Our Houses

Haus Zimmer Nutzfläche m2 Parzelle m2 Preis CHF Grundriss Mail
1 6.5 152.4 244.7 1'398'000
2 5.5 142.3 205.7 1'378'000
3 5.5 142.3 200.2 1'393'000
4 5.5 142.3 194.7 1'348'000
5 5.5 142.3 189.1 1'363'000
6 5.5 142.3 183.7 1'328'000
7 5.5 142.3 178.4 1'343'000
8 5.5 142.3 172.5 1'293'000
9 4.5 125.0 164.0 1'235'000
10 6.5 154.1 175.0 1'298'000





How to reach us

Linder Immobilien Promotion GmbH
Schopfgässchen 8
4125 Riehen

T +41 61 643 13 33


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